3D Objects for Oculus Home

The 3D objects on this web site have all been converted and resized to make them compatible with Oculus Home.

For information on converting and resizing other 3D objects, please check out this document, which contains detailed information and links:

Adapting 3D Objects for Oculus Home Updated: 16-Mar-2019



When Oculus Home was updated to allow users to decorate their Home space and import custom 3D objects, one of the first things I wanted to do was to create custom books.

Thanks to information from various sources (see Links, below), I was able to create a template, which can be used to make custom books from cover images.

Here are the books I've created so far, as well as the template, in case you'd like to make your own:

15 Books Updated: 12-Mar-2019
Custom Book Template Updated: 12-Mar-2019

If I create any additional books, I'll make them available for download here.

Note: I have updated the Custom Book Template with a model that has already been resized for Oculus Home, so the GLB file no longer needs to be resized.


Art Easels

I modified an easel that I found online to create a Custom Art Easel Template, which I then used to create easels for the paintings, "Wilder Investigations" and "Landing".

"Wilder Investigations" Art Easel Updated: 31-Mar-2019
"Landing" Art Easel Updated: 31-Mar-2019
Custom Art Easel Template Updated: 31-Mar-2019

If I create any additional easels, I'll make them available for download here.


Sheet Music

I modified a notebook that I found online to create this open booklet of sheet music.

Sheet Music Updated: 11-Mar-2019

If I create any more sheet music, I'll make it available for download here.


Wall Signs

*** COMING SOON: Custom Sign Template ***

I modified a wall sign that I found online to create restroom, employees only, exit, and open/closed signs.

5 Wall Signs Updated: 11-Mar-2019

If I create any more signs, I'll make them available for download here.


Arcade Machines

I found these arcade machines online, but the screens were blank, so I modified them using screenshots of the games, then converted and resized them for Oculus Home:

Joust Arcade Console Updated: 11-Mar-2019
Pacman Arcade Console Updated: 11-Mar-2019

I also modified another arcade machine to create a console version of the Atari Lynx game Crystal Mines II:

Crystal Mines Arcade Console Updated: 12-Mar-2019

If I get any other arcade machines, I'll make them available for download here.



I found a TARDIS that I liked better than the one I had, but the windows didn't look quite right to me, so I made a few changes and came up with this one.

TARDIS (3 sizes) Added: 14-Mar-2019

Note: This model replaces the one that was previously included under Various Objects.



I created these paintings by framing artwork from Wilder Investigations and Twisted-History .:

6 Paintings Updated: 31-Mar-2019

If I create any more paintings, I'll make them available for download here.


Various Objects

The rest of these objects are ones that I didn't modify, other than converting and resizing them to make them compatible with Oculus Home:

Alien (3 sizes) | preview Updated: 14-Mar-2019
Encyclopedia | preview Updated: 14-Mar-2019
Frog (2 sizes) | preview Updated: 14-Mar-2019
K9 (3 sizes) | preview Updated: 14-Mar-2019
Broken Computer | preview Updated: 14-Mar-2019
Security Panel | preview Updated: 14-Mar-2019
Vintage Radio | preview Updated: 14-Mar-2019
Medieval Chest | preview Updated: 14-Mar-2019
LEGO Space (5 models) | preview Updated: 31-Mar-2019
Wet Floor Sign | preview Updated: 14-Mar-2019

If I convert and resize any other objects, I'll make them available for download here.

Note: The original Alien model included breathing animation that was lost when I resized it, but I have since reconverted and resized it using a different site, and the animation is now preserved.


My Homes

Here are links to my Public Homes:

Oculus User cScottD - Transport Hub (has portals to all of my homes)
Oculus User cScottD - Home Base
Oculus User cScottD - Gamer Cafe
Oculus User cScottD - Lost Theatre

Please stop by for a visit!




Note: Resizing an object using either of the online tools will strip the attribution metadata.

For all the items I've resized (and made available for download here), I've edited the attribution metadata to restore it to what it was in the original model that I downloaded from Sketchfab.

I am currently in the process of going through all the models in my Homes that were already resized when I downloaded them, and attempting to locate them on Sketchfab so I can restore their attribution metadata as well. If you see a model of yours in my Home with no attribution metadata, I apologise; I promise I will get to it as soon as I can.

Information and Other Resources:

Much thanks to R. Eric Smith for invaluable information on modifying textures in 3D models!


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