CSD Bibliography

2022 – Wilder Investigations: The Reluctant Corpse (novel) co-written by Joel Byers

2021 – “Defending Azazel” in Warps in the Tapestry

2018 – “Vox Universum” in POWER: In the Hands of One, In the Hands of Many

2018 – “The Sky-Rock Thief” in Cracks in the Tapestry

2017 – “Killing Me Softly” in Critical Mass and other stories

2017 – “Come into the Light, My Darlings” in Critical Mass and other stories

2017 – “Critical Mass” (novella) in Critical Mass and other stories

2016 – “C.A.R.E.T.A.K.E.R.” in 404 Ink

2015 – “Here Inside I’m Like Metal, Aren’t You?” in The Nassau Review

2015 – “The Last Campfire” in A Convergence of Worlds

2014 – “Anima Divinitas” and “The Suffering Sky-Rockets” in Lynsey Moon’s Fever Dreams

2014 – Fifty 100-word stories and three illustrations in Shared Words: Volume One

2013 – “The Wax Butterfly” in The Nassau Review

2012 – Wilder Investigations #1: Mirror, Mirror (graphic novel)

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    I am so very, very, very proud of you.

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